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      "Some people marry for love."Tilly was now nearly eighteen. She had always been like her mother, but as she grew older the likeness became more and more pronounced, till sometimes it seemed to Reuben as if it were Naomi herself with her milky skin and fleeting rose-bloom who sat at his table and moved about his house. The only difference lay in a certain prominence of the chin which gave her an air of decision that Naomi had lacked. Not that Tilly was ever anything but docile, but occasionally Reuben felt that some time or other she might take her standa fear which had never troubled him with Naomi.

      "Oh, you gals! Well, I expect that's wot's the matter. The Liberal's got in."William peeped round his brother's shoulder.

      No young men ever visited Odiam. The young Ditches, the young Vennals, or Coalbrans, or Ginners, who had business to transact with Backfield, did so only at a safe distance. Reuben could not as yet afford to lose his housemaids. Some day, he told himself, he would see that the girls married to the honour of his farm, but at present he could not do without them.

      "Hear you, my Lord de Boteler, that I, Stephen Holgrave, from this day forth, unto you shall be true and faithful, and shall owe you fealty for the land which I may hold of you in villeinage, and shall be justified by you both in body and goods, so"

      "You must go as Marvor has gone. The masters do not take you for punishment if you go."

      Caro flushed with pleasurea light had kindled in her grey life, and she found herself looking forward to days of basking."I reckon he's half starvedand he looks ill too."


      "But you'll never leave me at the time of the hay-harvest, and Emily due to calve in another month?"