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      "After the battle, General Curtis wanted to know how much he ought to pay me, but I told him that all I wanted was to serve the country, unt I was already paid many times over, by helping him win a victory."'Clothing,' said I.

      "There, now, kiss me for a loving sister."

      FOR a short time a silence that seemed oppressive followed the fierce turmoil of the last charge of the rebels upon Snodgrass Hill and its repulse. Both sides had exhausted themselves in the awful grapple, and had to regain breath and thought. Then the night was pierced by the agonizing groans of the innumerable wounded, the stern commands of officers to their men to re-form, the calls of scattered men seeking their regiments and companies.

      The old man's face brightened like a May day, and then his faded eyes filled with joyful tears as he exclaimed:

      The bargaining instinct arose in the Deacon's mind, but he repressed it. He had no time to waste. He would make an offer that at home would be considered wildly extravagant, close the business at once and get back to Chattanooga. He said: "I'll give you a dollar apiece for five."


      "Niggers is like mules," remarked Groundhog savagely. "They only know two places in the whole world: their master's place and somewhere else. They want to run away from their master, but they hain't nary idee whar to go when they run away. A hoss has more sense 'n either a nigger or a mule. When he lights out he's got some idee o' where he wants t' go. I tell you; jest give that nigger to me. I know what to do with him. I know a man that'll give me 0 for him, and I'll whack up fair and square with you."


      "This Tennessee mud sticks closer'n a 0 mortgage to a 40-acre tract," sighed Si, as he stopped beating and brushing his blouse and pantaloons.


      "But your head's bigger'n a bushel, Si," remonstrated the Sergeant. "Better let the doctor see it."